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Sound Brilliant

We're excited to have you as a guest on The Process Teller Podcast!

We want you to sound as brilliant as you are.  Part of that’s on me as your interviewer. But part of it is as simple as making sure you call into the show with a clear phone connection.

I want you and your brand to be represented in the best possible light, so please read through the list below and make any of the suggested adjustments.  This will enable us to make the most of our time.


Production Rule #1:
A quiet environment is required. Make sure all potential noisemakers are turned off or taken care of ahead of time (phones, kids, pets, window AC, etc.)

Production Rule #2:
Do not use a speakerphone if calling into the show. 

Production Rule #3:
Do not move objects or bang upon the table if recording in person. It’s amazing what the mic can pick up.  

Production Rule #4:
Do not lean back in your chair if recording in person.  Maintain a consistent posture. Otherwise you are quite literally turning the volume up & down on your own voice. 

Production Rule #5:
Do not plan.  You are a subject matter expert.  So is John.  
The best podcasts are when a conversation has been ignited and you've exhausted an hour without breaking a sweat.  That is the sign of a great conversation. 

The worst podcasts are those that follow an outline and prevent the experts from expressing their passions and point of view.

Production Rule #6: 
Have a glass of water nearby during our chat. (pro-tip)

Thanks again for agreeing to be a guest on The Process Teller Podcast. 


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